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This domain is a very good opportunity to start a food portal

Hi! I am Dott. Giuseppe Polli, I am the owner of the domain domain has been registered many years ago, exactly on 2002.At begining the domain was used to host the canned food portal, then I preferred to open the new website.

Now I could take into consideration to sell this domain but I have to receive an important value to leave

The short, catchy name and the ending .com make this domain particularly valuable.

It is possible to enter into a rent contract of 12 months before to conclude the definitive conveyance property, so you have the possibility to check if the domain ONLYFOODS.COM is fine for your activity.


On 30th October 2021 there will be the next auction for the sale of the domain. Those interested in participating can join the ONLYFOODS group on Telegram and learn about the progress of the auction.

The minimum start offer is USD 30,000. The fourth 2021 auction will end at 8pm Rome hour of the day 30th October 2021.

For the any 2021 auction you can send me an email with your offer or join to our Group Onlyfoods on TELEGRAM


How much is the cost of the domain? is a premium domain, if we consider that the domain is quoted at 23,400 USD, on one of the most important Portal to buy and to sell domains ( and another domain is quoted at 10K USD, or is quoted at 15K USD, while the domain is quoted at 12K USD, it is not wrong to say that the value of the domain is higher, I can say of 30K USD as minimum.

Another premium domain - - is offered to 35k USD on one of the most important auction domain domain

Why ........FOODS?

For those who have a passion for food, the possibilities of a ONLYFOODS domain are endless. ONLYFOODS can be used by a restaurant, a blogger, a critique, an at-home chef, or any person or business who creates recipes, sells specialty foods, or writes nutrition guides online. With a ONLYFOODS domain, the food world can literally be yours.

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  • +39 333 9031308
  • via Giuseppe Verdi 246 d
    Monsummano Terme (Italy)
    VAT 01611920479

You are able to contact me on Facebook too.

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